Civil and Criminal Litigation

For all types of civil, corporate, criminal, tort, constitutional, and intellectual property matters, our advocates have all the necessary updates and knowledge related with the laws of the country. Hence, we effectively deal with any of such cases that you may be faced with. Be it in the Supreme Court of India, or in any High Court, Tribunals, Commissions, or Forums, our advocates serve you in all types of cases, with the highest levels of accuracy and positive results.

Corporate & Commercial Laws

Apollo Consultancy offers you with comprehensive solutions to your corporate and commercial legal matters. Be it related with the incorporation of your business, or other factors such as changes in annual returns, our experts offer you with result-oriented professional services that are best in the industry. Our teams are constantly updated with the latest trends in the corporate and commercial laws so that we can offer you with the best legal advices and solutions.

Banking & Finance

When you take insurance from companies, there are laws related to such processes. If you face any problems related to such insurance policies, or in claiming your insurance, then our legal experts at Apollo Consultancy will help in resolving such issues with effect. With our top performing insurance lawyers, we guarantee you a complete resolution to your insurance and banking related matters.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

For Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) cases, Apollo Consultancy makes use of its talents, skills and expertise towards initiating negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, or arbitration, whichever your particular case may call upon. Our advocates will rightly guide you through the ways to resolve your legal case in ADR matters based on mediations. We ensure that our attempts allow you to have a successful alternative to litigations made in the court.

Intellectual Property Laws

If you need any help in your intellectual property (IP) matters related with your business, corporation, and research institution or more, Apollo Consultancy has its IP experts ready for your help. Our teams are updated with all the IP laws in the country and hence, we ensure that your matters will rightly be dealt by us. Our IP knowledge and extensive practice in the area makes us both competent and confident to deal with your issues.

Infrastructure and Real Estate

For any real estate and infrastructure cases that you may be faced with, our expert team of advocates at Apollo Consultancy will help you through your problems. Be it with roads, buildings, airports, power, water, ports, railways, oil and gas, or any sector in real estate and infrastructure, we are right here to solve your legal problems. All Acts related with these areas are well known and updated amongst our teams.

International Trade Laws

Our experts at Apollo Consultancy are legally sound in their knowledge and skills of handling your corporate and commercial cases, which have a direct association with the International Trade Law of the country. We have major contacts with foreign lawyers and legal associations, including international trade associations, which further make our processes of legal services in this category, highly effective and best suited for your legal matters.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures

For your business’ mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, Apollo Consultancy rightly serves you with all essential legal help that you may require related to any proxy contests, or other litigation matters. The knowledge and expertise that our advocates have in local laws and business customs, are rightly utilized towards finding the most effective solutions to your legal matters. This includes our solutions in matters of your corporate taxes, securities, finance, and more related to M&A.

Legal Adoption Through CARA

The adoption procedure is also very long. It includes psychological and social assessment of the couple, their physical and emotional health, value system, social status, marital life assessment and income. Adoption also requires a gynecological report in case of infertility and two letters of recommendations apart from details related to divorce, widowhood, etc. We register your file at Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and take care of all the process.

Overseas Patients' rights in India

Patient autonomy is affected by a number of factors, including severity of illness, socio-economic status and dependence. Many patients find that they are not treated with due consideration and compassion, and also have no control over their own care.

Help to overseas People to settle permanently in India

Its very lenghty process by indian government, need to follow many rules and need to check previous history from the leaving country. We help to overseas people to settle in indian legally.

Constitutional Laws

Apollo Consultancy is an expert in all kinds of constitutional laws in the country. For any legal matters related to the judiciary, the executives, within a state or the country, our experts will guide you rightly through the issues, and help in resolving them in the best possible manners. Our experts use their extensive knowledge for the rights of individuals and groups, as part of the constitution and the laws.

Employment, Labor and Industrial Law

If you are faced with employment related issues, industrial relations, complexity of associations between employers and the government, or any other labor related matters, Apollo Consultancy offers you with effective legal advices and solutions to deal with the matters. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in employment and labor related laws of the country, which we apply to the fullest to help all our clients.

Administrative Laws

Administrative legislation has long been a part of the Indian constitution. If you need to deal with legal issues that associate administrative authorities, Apollo Consultancy has all the essential knowledge and expertise to deal with such cases. Our experts are updated with all administrative laws that are run in our country, and hence come up with solutions that are best suited to your individual case.