Apollo Consultancy (the “Firm”) is a well-established full-service law firm founded by Dr. Manish Aggarwal in March 2002 after practicing with the law firms, M.L.Srivastava & Co. since 1990. The Firm is a highly reputed, skilled and professionally managed law firm based in New Delhi.

Dr. Manish Aggarwal possesses vast corporate and litigation experience of 32 years. Being a foundation to the Firm and as a true leader, he leads the team of 48 well qualified, competent and experienced advocates and solicitors who are working with the Firm to provide proficient, proactive and dedicated professional services to their clients.

The members of the Firm are qualified from highly reputed National Universities and have vast, extensive and rich legal experience and wide exposure in their respective practice areas. The breadth of experience of Firm’s attorneys as well as the depth of their expertise combined with an unlimited desire and energy to serve, has enabled the Firm to effectively and efficiently resolve the clients’ problems and to suggest practical solutions for their complex legal or mercantile issues. The Firm’s paramount concept of “Client Satisfaction” is the backbone of its work culture and the Firm takes great pride in consistently adopting the highest international standards for clients’ satisfaction.

In today’s scenario of increasing globalisation of the world’s economy, the Firm assists and represents its national and overseas clients in making investments in other countries and jurisdictions. The Firm is retained by several international clients with investment objectives in India who seek advice and assistance in acquiring an existing Indian enterprise, whether through mergers, joint-ventures, direct acquisition or takeover of assets or by a purchase of shares. Similarly, in case of an Indian client seeking to establish or expand manufacturing or marketing presence in foreign jurisdiction, acquire an existing foreign operation from a foreign owner, or enter into a joint venture with a local partner, the Firm is experienced in conducting the negotiations, researching local law issues, coordinating with local counsel and preparing the necessary transaction documents – in each case with the goal of effecting transactions consistent with the client’s expectations, based on concepts of Indian and International Laws.

The cutthroat competitive nature of today’s business environment places clients under a considerable pressure to meet performance objectives and achieve profitability. Often, a continuing factor to that pressure is the complex labyrinth of lanes through which they have to lead their organisations. The path to success is more likely to be found when clients have an access to quality guidance along the way. Considering these crucial needs of the clients, the Firm takes personal interest in the all-dimensional success of the clients’ business.

The practice of the Firm draws on its vast knowledge and ardent interest for its client’s business category under the Indian and International Business Regime. This commitment makes it accessible, communicative, responsive, value-added, dedicated and focused on its clients’ needs, conscious of cost and commercially pragmatic in its advice and assistance. The Firm recognises that it is a service organisation and that it must meet clients’ commercial needs. To maintain this excellence of service to its clients, the Firm strives to recruit, train and retain lawyers and staff of the highest caliber and professionalism.

Due to its good working relations with a number of lawyers and law firms in other jurisdictions, it ensures ready access to formal legal advice in other jurisdictions whenever needed.

The Firm has paralegal and support staff of more than 52 people & it is equipped with all sorts of latest office automation equipments and facilities. The persistent updating, upgrading and enhancement of overall system facilities allow swift and efficient co-ordination and reporting to the clients and associate law firms worldwide.